(Livello Due)

    Benvenuti to the next level of your Italian studies!  Italian II is the continuation of the Italian I course at Madison High School.  Throughout the year, students will continue their study of Italian across all four communication skills:  listening, speaking, reading and writing.  There will be an emphasis on building higher grammatical structures through studying irregular verbs, modal verbs and the past tense.  All the while, students will be developing higher vocabulary and elevating their level of discourse.  We will continue to study Italy across different subject matters as well as discuss more current political events.  Please see the Google Classroom for information about specific homework assignments.
    This year of Italian will cover 4 units in your Sentieri textbooks -- here are some brief communicative highlights: 
    Capitolo Uno (Tecnologia):
    • Identify modern elements of technology
    • Discuss the role technology plays from a cultural and personal perspective
    • Explore technology alternatives
    • Conduct research regarding technology and student populace
    Capitolo Due (La Moda):
    • Identify fashion's role in society
    • Express personal style and preferences
    • Identify and articular cultural differences with regards to fashion
    • Identify major players in fashion industry
    Capitolo Tre (La Spesa):
    • Articulate cultural differences with regards to food shopping and preparation
    • Identify staples of the Italian diet 
    • Compare and contrast diet statistics with health statistics across US and Italy
    Capitolo Quattro (Al Ristorante):
    • Identify cultural differences and practices with regards to restaurants
    • Comprehend menus and assess cultural authenticity with regards to region
      Navigate a menu and successfully order a meal in the target country