• Library Policies


    Borrowing Policies:

    • Students in Kindergarten may borrow 1 library book per week, and must keep them in their classrooms
    • Students in grades 1-2 may borrow 1 library book per week, and may bring them home
    • Students in grades 3-5 may borrow 2 library books per week, and may bring them home
    • All Library books are loaned for one week, and students must return them the following Library class period



    Student Rules:

    • All students in the Library must follow the Torey J Sabatini School Code of Conduct
    • In addition, the Library has the following rules
      • Be Kind and Respectul to the teacher, friends, and Library books
      • Listen to directions and raise your hand
      • Use your soft Library voice
      • Put books back on the shelf the correct way
      • If you don't know where a book goes, ask for help
      • Read and have fun!



    • Classdojo is used in the Library as a classroom management assistant
    • Students can earn points for following directions, and can lose points for not making the best choices
    • When students earn 10 points, they are rewarded with a prize of their choice
    • The consequence policy for classdojo during one 40 minute class period is as follows
      • Strike 1- Verbal warning
      • Strike 2- Loss of Classdojo point
      • Strike 3- Loss of second Classdojo point
      • Any consequence past strike 3 will result in a call or email home
    • If any parents/guardians would like to connect to Classdojo, please contact me at paradisoc@madisonnjps.org for your child's code