• All students are required by the State of New Jersey’s Department of Education to pass four (4) years of physical education in order to be eligible for high school graduation. 
    • UNPREPARED: Failure to change for PE will result in an unprepared and the student will have 11 points deducted from their grade.
    • LACK OF PARTICIPATION/EFFORT: A student who shows lack of effort during the class will be issued a “lack of performance” and have 5.5 points deducted from their grade.
    • DISCIPLINE: Any breach of department discipline or insubordination will result in a “discipline zero” resulting in 11 points being deducted from their grade. No make-up will be allowed. Discipline issues may also be referred to the administration.


    • Students are not permitted to remain with or go to another teacher for extra help during a Health and Physical Education class. Health and Physical Education teachers will not permit students to leave their class to see another teacher. Additionally, students unprepared for Physical Education will not be permitted to leave the gymnasium area to go to another section of the school.
    • Tardiness – Arriving late to class will result in a 3.5 point deduction from their grade.
    • Cuts- Any student charged with cutting a class will receive an absence for the period(s) missed and will have 11 points deducted from their grade. Make-ups will not be permitted for cutting a class.


    • Students are expected to change for physical education class on the days when their physical education classes meet.
      • A change of clothes is defined as clothing other than what the student wore to school and will wear after physical education class.
      • Students are required to wear sneakers during physical education class.
      • Students are not permitted to wear school issued uniforms during physical education class


    Students will be assigned a locker and issued a lock to enable to secure their personal items during PE classes. Students will return the lock to their PE Teacher at the end of the year. If a lock is not returned the student is obliged to pay $6.



    • In the event that a student has lost points in physical education as a result of absences, lack of participation, excessive tardiness, unprepared for physical education class or behavior, they will have the opportunity to raise their grade through P.E. Make-ups
      • Students must meet their physical education teacher to arrange a time to complete the make-up.
      • Make-up is 1.5 miles (6 laps) on the track.  An individual may ride 6 miles on the stationary bicycle providing the supervising teacher determines that the track is not an option as a result of inclement weather.
      • A student can only complete one make-up in a single school day period.
      • All make-ups must be completed by the end of the marking period.
      • Each make-up is worth 5.5 points
      • Students are permitted to complete a maximum of FOUR P.E. Make-ups per marking period.


    • All electronic devices must remain secured in the locker room during physical education class. Please refer to the schoolwide policy.


      • Medically excused students must provide a copy of their doctor’s note to the nurse.
      • Any student receiving an excuse from the nurse’s office without a medical doctor’s note will be considered unexcused from physical education and will be required to do a make-up.
      • Any student that has been excused from physical education by a doctor must have a doctor’s note clearing them to return to physical education prior to returning to class.
      • Any athlete that has been excused from physical education class as a result of an injury or illness will NOT be eligible to participate in a practice or game/meet/competition.



    Students who are medically excused from PE by a doctor will be required to complete some type of assignment to maintain their grade. The assignment may be in the form of a reaction paper to an article, a TED talk, a podcast, etc. Long term medically excused students may be required to complete assignments based on readings from selected books such as “Who Moved My Cheese” and “The Last Lecture.”