• Reading Workshop

    We have been extremely busy practicing our routines and learning how strong readers build good reading habits, stay focused on reading and think and talk about books with other readers. Over the past few weeks, we will learn various reading strategies to help us tackle tricky words. Some of the strategies that we will focus on are as follows: Use the picture clues, get your mouth ready and look for chunks or word parts you know. Strong readers are also encouraged to self-monitor their reading and remind themselves what their book is about as they read to develop comprehension skills.


    Writing Workshop

    We are learning how to sketch stories and develop early writing skills. Some of the skills we have been focusing on are stretching out words, using capital letters when writing proper nouns and when beginning a new sentence. We have been utilizing the classroom word wall to encourage students to write our sight words correctly. In October we will be introducing Small Moments. We will be zeroing in on important moments in our own lives and learning how to develop these moments into powerful, descriptive narratives with sequenced events, temporal words and some sense of closure. We’ll learn how to write step-by-step so our writing is vivid and concise and how a writing partner can help us strengthen our stories. 



    The students learned about number bonds and how they can make the same number in a variety of ways. For example 7 and 3 as well as 2 and 8 make 10. We have a variety of manipulatives that students have been using to demonstrate knowledge of number sense. Students have also been working with their math partners to practice their math vocabulary (more, less, greater than). In this next unit we will be learning about different ways we can add (using a number line, counters, draw a picture, ten frames, number bonds).  Students are given the opportunity to solve math problems through different hands on experiences.


    Social Studies 

    October is Safety Month and we'll learn all about different kinds of safety rules. We'll learn about fire safety, road safety and how to keep ourselves safe. It wouldn't be October without Halloween, and we're going to learn about Halloween safety too.

Last Modified on October 16, 2019