• Readers Workshop            

    We will begin our exciting journey to becoming strong, fluent readers. We will learn and practice the first of several reading strategies that will help us figure out tricky words and understand what is going on in the books we read.  We'll learn what it means to "shop" for books for our book bins and how to do "real reading" during in class reading time. We'll spend a lot of time learning the routines of Reading Workshop so that we can become a community of readers who love to read books, talk about books and share books. 


    Writing Workshop

    We will spend a lot of time learning the routines of Writing Workshop so we can become a community of writers who share a mutual respect for our written words.  After reading The Little Engine That Could, we learned that we need to believe in ourselves and always try our best.  The students were amazed with themselves when they went out of their comfort zone and tried to write some very tricky words and even draw some difficult pictures to go along with their stories.  Students are encouraged to take risks and say the words “I Think I Can.”



    We'll spend a lot of time learning how to use and take care of all of our math manipulatives and the fundamental routines of working independently and with a partner. Students will learn how to add numbers using counters, math balances and number bonds. 


    Social Studies

    We will spend our time getting to know each other and understanding what it means to create a respectful and peaceful classroom community.  We'll learn how to listen to and respond to each other with kindness and respect so we all feel important and that our ideas and feelings are valued. 

Last Modified on October 16, 2019