• Audition Materials 
    Choose the part that you would like to audition for the most and sing for that role. Sing the cut of the audition song listed and be prepared to sing the entire callback song on Wednesday if called back. The audition should be from memory. You can hold music for the callback, but we will be looking for a character so it should be prepared and not just reading from the page. 
    Music  Sunday 11/24 
    Individual appointments 11 AM - 4 PM
    Everyone must present a singing audition. Please prepare the cut of the song listed for the character you are auditoning for. Your audition will be accompanied, and you should have the cut memorizedYou should have an understanding of why the character is singing the song, and emote according to the mood of the character.
    Dolly Levi:
    I Put My Hand In mm. 1-36, mm. 136-160 (Neither Cast Recording is the right key!)
    I really recomend using the desktop version of Stage Tracks to practice, mobile will be weird with fermatas!

     Before The Parade Passes By (Callback) (Neither Cast Recording is the right key!)

    So Long, Dearie (Callback)

    Hello, Dolly (Callback)


    Horace Vandergelder

    It Takes A Woman mm. 1-33 (Audio)

     (Callback) Be Prepared to sing more of the song


    Irene Molloy

    Ribbons Down My Back mm. 41-end. (We will skip the interlude mm. 61-72) Audio

    It Only Takes A Moment & all of "Ribbons"(Callback) Audio


    Minnie Fay

    Elegance mm. 1-48 (Audio) Whole step higher than the version we will use

    Ernestina, Ambrose Kemper, Ermengarde, etc.

    Ensemble Audition or another character's cut 



    (Choose one song that best represents your voice. If you'd rather sing a song from another character because it shows your voice better, that is encouraged.)

    Call On Dolly mm. 1-31    (Audio)

    Finale (Hello, Dolly!) mm. 43-58  (Audio)

    Finale (Put On Your Sunday Clothes) mm. 109-172  (Audio)




    Rehearsal Tracks

    To help you prepare for auditions, and eventually to practice for being in the show, we will be using a system called Show Ready. This application can be downloaded for free to a computer and you can use it to play the accompaniment for the audition songs. For help using Stage Tracks, consult the manual and video.

    The preferred method is to use Stage Tracks on a laptop or desktop computer. You cannot download it on your chromebook, it would need to be on a personal device. However, you can use Stage Tracks Mobile which is free and can be downloaded on iOS app store or on Android only through this link (the app is in beta testing and cannot be found in the android store yet)! The disadvantage to using mobile over the desktop, is you don't have any control over edits, and any edits I make on my end may not appear to you. If you are auditioning for the role of Dolly, I reccommend the full version, not mobile. 


    Please download the most recent version of of Stage|Tracks™ from our website. To download your music, open the application and enter your Stage|Tracks™ authorization code (below). 

    Stage|Tracks™ Authorization Code: RIVER-WAFTED-GRITS-BARGE-CUE-ORE


    Please download Stage|Tracks™ Mobile from the iTunes app store to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To activate your music open the application and enter your Stage|Tracks™ authorization code (below).

     Stage|Tracks™ Mobile Username: Madison High School - NJ
    Stage|Tracks™ Mobile Password: WOOD-SPIGOT-BASH-ORNATE-BRAZEN-NEWT


    Dance Sunday 11/24 and Callback Tuesday 11/26 

    Sunday: 4:00 PM

    Come wearing comfortable clothes for movement. There will be a dance callback on Tuesday at 3:00 PM.


    Reading  Monday and Tuesday 11/25 and 11/26

    Sides (audition scenes) will be provided at the audition to be read cold. If you are needed at the NHS induction Monday evening please let us know!