•           November Newsletter

    Writing Workshop

    We launched our new writing unit called Small Moments.  In this unit, children are learning to take everyday events out of their lives and make them into focused, well-structured stories.  When writing a Small Moment story, the author stretches out the sequence of actions over several pages to make the moment feel important and interesting.  Students are encouraged to do their very best to communicate their stories through pictures and precise details. We are also learning how to edit our stories making sure we our using capital letters and ending punctuation marks in all the right places and spelling our sight words correctly.



    We have been discussing strategies good readers use when they come across an unknown word.  We have been practicing using picture clues, stretching out our words, getting our mouth ready by looking at the beginning letters/sounds, looking for known chunks or word parts and skipping over the tricky word and going back to it once we read to the end of the sentence.  We are also learning how to self-monitor and think about our reading to make sure we self correct any errors when something doesn’t sound right or make sense.  



    Our current unit is Subtraction Facts to 10.  In this chapter students are learning different methods to subtract.  Some of the strategies are: Take away to subtract, count on to subtract, count back to subtract and using number bonds to subtract.  Please continue to practice your addition and subtraction facts daily.


    Social Studies/Science

    The first week in October we devoted our attention to Respect Week.  We discussed the Golden Rule and the importance of thinking before we speak or act to prevent any friend’s feelings from being hurt.  During the month of October we had a special visit from the Fire Department. They provided us with some very important safety tips. We also had a special visitor from Traffic Town come to do an interactive lesson on traffic safety.  This month we will learn about Veterans Day and the very first Thanksgiving. We will also begin our first science unit called Sky Patterns.


    Friendly Reminders

    • Please practice your sight words and math facts daily.
    • Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Nov 20 and 21st.  If you haven’t already done so, please visit our class website to sign up for a conference time.
    • School is closed Nov. 7th and 8th for NJEA Convention.
    • Our class has been enjoying our Mystery Readers on Fridays. If you would like to read to our class please visit our class website and sign up for a spot.  Don’t forget to keep it a secret!
    • Please make sure all of your child’s belongings are labeled.  This includes lunch boxes and jackets. This will make it much easier to locate if in then event one of their items gets lost.
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