• Please send in a 5 x 7 image of your child as soon as possible! 
    (A school photo will work perfectly)

    7th grade art students will be completing a unit on portraiture.

    They will begin in a "fun way" by creating Pop Art portraits of their favorite teachers inspired by Roy Lichtenstein! Next, students will move on to more traditional portrait techniques as they create a monochromatic self-portrait. 

    It is important that the photograph you send in is 5 x 7. Students will be using a grid enlargement method to accurately draw their face. The face should be a front view. 

    Please reach out to me if you do not have a photograph. I am happy to take one.

    Photographs can be printed from a laserprinter as long as they are clear. There is no need to print on photo paper.


    Thank you for your support. I cannot wait for you to see your child's self-portrait drawing!