During the week, I spend so much time with your little ones. I learn about their likes, dislikes, what they are excited to tell their friends and what embarrasses them. They share with me what is considered "cool" or heaven forbid, "babyish". Below is a list compiled from all of the information I've gleaned.

    Most of these I have linked to Amazon because let's be honest, that's the easiest way to shop and avoid any additional stress. I don't know all the details of the Amazon Smile donation linked to CAS but I do know it helps to support our school so try it out!


    1. Journals

    There are journals for mothers and sons/daughters and fathers and sons/daughters. This one also looks like a whole lot of fun. The options are endless. 


    2. Lego and Tinkering Projects - STEAM


    3. Books

    The kids LOVE any non.fiction

    Joke books are ALWAYS favorites.

    These series will get them reading. 

    4. Magazine Subscriptions



    The Classic National Geographic for Kids

    Ranger Rick


    5. Gardening Tools

    When the students know we are going to the CAS garden, I hear "is it time yet?" all day long. Anything to get that garden vibe at home will surely excite them.


    6. Gift Cards. I know this one sounds strange, but it gives him/her the choice to pick and PAY for something INDEPENDENTLY. These are two important goals I have for each one of them this year - becoming independent, responsible young men and women. Choose one of their favorite stores and load it with $30 or under.


    7. Fun . .. and Gross Candy - If you feel bad, toss some fruit in the package.


    8. Kitchen, Cooking Tools/Books


    9. Anything shark-related. They are OBSESSED with sharks. 99.9% of the kids.


    10. Puzzles: The classic and 3D ones.


    11. Maps and Trivia


    12. Cool Stationery, pens, pencils and ERASERS. They can't get enough erasers.


    14. Clothing and accessories. If you choose wisely, I promise they will LOVE it.

    The girls are really into the sequin shirts and sweaters, like this one or this.

    A lot of the boys are loving the graphics sweatshirts, like this one or this.


    15. Funny Slippers


    16. Bedroom Decorations 


    17. Comics: We are lucky to have Dewey's right in town.


    18. Gym and Game Equipment


    19. Backyard Fun


    20. Art and Crafts 


    21. This is masked as a board game, but it is a wonderful teaching tool. Socially Speaking Game or any board game for that matter. 


    22. Cards. Any opportunity to use playing cards makes these guys and girls happy.


    23. Stickers I have these exact ones and the kids would sniff them all day long if they could.


    24. Lava Lamps


    25. I was going to say old school Sea Monkeys - but this looks a whole lot better.


    * If you don't choose anything from this list, at least get him/her that obligatory pair of socks. I just bought a whole bunch of $1 Old Navy ones online. That deal may not last long though.







Last Modified on December 1, 2019