Music Department Faculty
    Concert Band Director and Jazz and Marching Band Director, Madison High School
    Kiera Chiarino
    Chorus Director, Central Avenue School
    Classroom Music, Central Avenue School
    Chorus Director, Madison Junior School
    MJS Musical Director
    Kathleen McCormick
    Strings Teacher and Orchestra Director, Madison Junior School
    All-City Orchestra Director
    Laurie Quinlan
    Strings Teacher and Orchestra Director, Torey J. Sabatini, Central Avenue and
    Kings Road Schools
    Adriana Adkins
    Band Director, 
    Torey J. Sabatini and Central Avenue Schools
    All-City Band Director
    Daniel Malloy
    Chorus Director, Madison High School
    Jazz Chorus Director and Spring Musical Vocal Director, Madison High School
    Matthew Rossi
    Band teacher, Kings Road and Madison Junior Schools 
    Leo Sabatino
    Band Director, Madison Junior School
    Michael Silvestri
    Strings Teacher, Orchestra and Guitar Ensemble Director, Music Theory and Technology, AP Music Theory, Madison High School
    Donna Ward
    Chorus and General Music, Kings Road and Torey J Sabatini Elementary Schools
    Art Department Faculty
    Madison High School
    Ms. Madison Berry
    Madison High School
    Mrs. MaryAnn St. Jacques
    Madison Junior School
    Mr. Gilbert Thompson
    Kings Road, Torey J Sabatini Schools
    Mrs. Jordana Linder
    Central Avenue School