• We had a fabulous first week of March and truly enjoyed all of our Read Across America activities and spirit days! Thank you to Mr. Paradiso for helping to coordinate these special events.
    This week also marked some changes in our lunchroom procedures, which have gone extremely well! You may or may not have heard about these changes from your child, but I wanted to provide some context and additional insight. Beginning this week, students have two lunch tables designated for their entire class. The grade level classes and tables are all near each other. The children do not have assigned seats at these tables.
    As a TJS staff we reflected on some of our past practices and collectively agreed that some procedures needed a bit of fine tuning. Please know, the intent behind these changes was not disciplinary in nature. One main consideration was the fact that we have different staff members on lunch duty daily. This changes day to day and week to week, especially when staff members are absent and several substitutes are present. This is important for safety reasons, as if we are trying to locate a student for any purpose, medical or other, it's much easier to find them if we know which two tables they could be sitting at.
    Student climate and culture is also extremely important to us. It was becoming apparent that students were often arguing over where to sit, and a goal for us is to create an inclusive environment for all. As a staff, we also feel for the student who may be anxious about not knowing where they are going to sit daily. Sitting as a class will help ease the anxiety for some. We are not trying to eliminate situations that may cause anxiety but ultimately wanted to create a more inclusive setting.
    The goal for us here as a staff is to make sure the students have enough time to eat, are around people they feel comfortable with, are safe, and of course can socialize with peers. Students still have the opportunity to play across classes and grade levels at recess time, which we truly value and know is so important. This structure is pretty typical of most elementary schools.
    Working alongside Mrs. Bletcher, our school counselor, we are also in the process of planning a few "mix it up" days that are fun yet purposeful to encourage students to mingle with friends in other classes and/or grade levels. I hope this information is helpful in understanding our perspective behind adjusting our organizational lunchroom procedures. This week's smooth transition to these changes proved that your children are resilient and I thank the wonderful staff at Torey J for continuing to create a safe environment that meets all of our children's needs.
    Upcoming Events:
    • March 16:  Madison Education Foundation (MEF) Grant Showcase, 9:00-10:00 AM
    • March 18: Curriculum Night & TJS Art Show @ 7:00 PM 
    • March 25: TJS Science Fair
    • March 30 & 31: Parent/Teacher Conferences
    Curriculum Night & TJS Art Show @ 7:00 PM:
    Parents and children are invited to visit classrooms to view samples of student work. In addition, this year, Mr. Thompson will also be displaying student artwork in our very first TJS Art Show! It's sure to be a great showcase of all the great things our students are learning about.
    Please see the attached flyers regarding the May Day T-Shirt Art Contest and early registration for Camp Invention.
    PTO Update:


    It’s going to be a great night, you won’t want to miss it..DJ, Dinner, Dancing, Prizes, Old Friends/ New Friends, Adult Beverages served...need we say more??!!

    WHERE: Park Avenue Club

    WHEN: Saturday March 7, 2020

    TIME: 7:00PM-10:30pm

    WHAT: 50/50 raffle, Golden ticket prizes, Cornhole tournament, Bid on parent hosted parties and teacher outings for the kids.

    Buy your tickets after school everyday thru Friday 3/6/20 or click here to view the invitation and PayPal link. You can also Venmo @Stacie-Procaccini, but make sure you do it by tonight!


    The first TJS book tasting was a huge success! Thank you to Mr. Paradiso for all his hard work planning this new tradition.

    Thank you to Jen Haviland, Deanna Pearly, Michele O’Keefe, & Donna Weller for helping to plan, set up and assist with this fun new TJS event. Check out the photos attached.


    The Science Fair is back! 

    When: March 25, 6:30-8:30PM in the Jaguar Jungle

    If you still need a board please reach out to Ken O'Flaherty (koflaherty@hotmail.com)

    Follow the link here to the Science Fair PTO information page.



    The time is approaching. We are already in March!

    Storytime opens with Germany and China on March 14th.

    Come listen and share with your TJS families in the greater Madison Community. Please see attached flyer for more information.


    Is your daughter interested in cheerleading for the Madison Dodgers? If so, please see the attached document. Registration opens April 1.

    Have a marvelous weekend!
    Ileana Sing

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    Read Across America

    Read Across America

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