• Classroom Expectations

    1. Please be on time to class. Please be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. Notebooks should be out and cell phones should be put away. Complete the Do Now assignment if one is posted.  
    2. If you are late for any reason you must have a pass.
    3. Our classroom environment is built on mutual respect. You are expected to show respect for each other, for the teacher, and for classroom property at all times.
    4. Work is expected to be handed in on time. If you hand in work late you will receive partial or no credit. Please see the department late work policy located on my webpage for further clarification. 
    5. If you are absent it is in your best interest to come see me the next day to make sure you are prepared and did not miss anything important. You should be checking Google classroom everyday. Feel free to check with a classmate as well for any notes or important updates. 
    6. Our class will rely heavily on group discussion and debate. In order for our class to be the very best it can be I will need you to participate. Class participation will be part of your grade. This will include taking part in classroom discussion, collaborative work, and a demonstration of respect for others in the class. Do not discourage others from participating, encourage your classmates to jump in. 
    7. Most importantly this is YOUR class and can only be effective with participation from YOU. I promise you will get what you put in!
    8. Come ready to work each day. A positive attitude and the willingness to work hard will get you far in this class and in life!
    9. Have fun and enjoy yourself. History is full of fascinating people doing fascinating things.
    10. Ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question and chances are one of your classmates probably has the same one.