• Adults do not need to be given rules for behavior in every situation; they already know them. I will treat you as an adult if you exhibit reasoned obedience and appropriate actions.  Should I be tested to see if I know the "rules", you will find the correction to be unpleasant.
    Focus instead on the following 
    • Question what you are being told. Explore the implications outside of the classroom. I'm not here to teach you what to think, I'm here to show you how to think.

    • It is ok to make a mess, if you clean it up. There are two kinds of people in life: those who leave things better than they found them, and those who do not. The latter are deserving of our contempt. Safe-guard the resources which have been entrusted to you by the community.

    • Learning is an active process. Take responsibility for your own learning. We do not learn in an instant, it requires time, we need to struggle with the information and overcome previous misconceptions. If we learned by instantaneous contact with new material we would all know just about everything by now.