Welcome to Biology/Life Science.  This course is all about helping you develop an understanding of the living world.  We pay close attention to interactions and relationships among the components of the natural world and human impacts on them.  We use scientific principals, concepts, and methodologies to identify and analyze environmental problems, risks developing as a result of these problems, and possible solutions or prevention strategies.  After taking this course, you should be equipped to make independent and informed decisions about the consequences of their actions on the environment, both as a citizen and a consumer.
     Period 1:  Life Science 

    Parts of the Microscope


    •  Finish Review Packet on Measurements (Due 11/27)

    • Finish Chapter Review questions  (1-1 thru 1-7)  Due 11/30


    Study Vocabulary terms: Parts of the Microscope :  Base, Arm, Body Tube, Stage, Stage Clips, Diaphram, Lens (ocular), Coarse and Fine Adjustment knobs, Nosepiece

    Vocabulary Quiz:  PArts of the Microscope (TBD)






    Parts of The Microscope:

    Chapter Test: 12/5





    Period 7 LLD:  Measuments: Volume, Length, Width, Area, Mass

    ASSIGNMENTS:  Practicing measuring length, width, area, Mass/weight and Temperature


    Intro to Parts of the Microscope (base, Arm, Body Tube, Stage, Stage Clips, Diaphram, Lens, Coarse and Fine Adjustment knobs, Nosepiece)

    •  Practice Measurments (reading, measuring  and assesment of tools used



    Future Topics:

    • Parts of the microscope

    • Characteristics of living things
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