Physical Education Rules, Regulations and Expectations


    • Students are required to attend all scheduled meetings for Health & Physical Education.  Health & Physical Education classes are not to be used as a study hall periods where work for other academic classes is made up or completed.
    • Students are not permitted to remain with or go to another teacher for extra help during a Health and Physical Education class.  Health and Physical Education teachers will not permit students to leave their class to see another teacher.  Additionally, students unprepared for Physical Education will not be permitted to leave the gymnasium area to go to another section of the school.
    • Tardiness – As per the Madison High School Student Handbook Attendance Policy, three (3) late(s) will equal one (1) absence.  After the third offense for being late to class the student will be assesses 3.66 points in addition to being marked tardy for each offense.  Each absences and late will be forwarded to the Attendance Review Committee.
    • Absences – As per the Madison High School Student Handbook Attendance Policy, students are limited to eighteen (18) absences per full year course.  Additionally, every 3rd late/tardy will equal one (1) absence.  Excessive lates/tardys equaling absences will apply towards the students limit of (18) absences as stated in the Madison High School Student Handbook Attendance Policy.
    • Cuts- Any student charged with cutting a class will receive an absence for the period(s) missed and will be assessed 11 points from their class average for each recorded cut.  Please note that upon the 4th recorded cut the student will lose credit for that class as per the Madison High School Attendance Policy set forth in the Student Handbook. 
    • Please note: Although points may be made up, physical absences can not be made up.   No students will be permitted to make-up lates/tardys and/or absences and cut classes via Physical Education Make-ups. 
    • Loss of Credit has no correlation to a student’s course average.  Loss of Credit is the sole decision of the Attendance Review Committee and the school administration.

    Changing Time

        • Students are given ample time to change at the beginning of each physical education period and at the end of each physical education period.
          • Students are expected to arrive to physical education class on time prior to the late bell.  Student will be given 6 minutes from the late bell to change their clothing and meet their physical education teacher in the gymnasium.
          • Students will be given 8 minutes to change at the end of the period prior to the dismissal bell to shower and change.

    Locker Room & Lockers

        • All students are required to change for physical education in the physical education locker room only.  No students are permitted in the varsity locker rooms during the school day. Those students involved in an interscholastic sport are expected to have a separate physical education locker.  No exceptions will be made.
          • Students are expected to have a combination lock or key lock for their locker.  The locker number and combination/spare key should be submitted to the physical education teacher at the beginning of each school year and semester.
          • All valuable items should be locked in the student’s physical education locker during physical education class. 
          • Any student having a concern regarding valuable items should submit those items to their physical education teacher at the beginning of each physical education period.  It is the responsibility of the student to collect those items at the end of each period.
          • Any athlete wishing to drop off equipment to the varsity locker room must due so prior to 7:45am.  The varsity locker room will not re-open until 2:30pm each school day.
          • No food or beverages in the locker room area.  No Exceptions.  Any student caught eating or drinking in the locker room will receive a zero for the day.
          • Students are expected to use the locker room for changing purposes only.  Locker rooms are not an area designated for “hanging out”.
          • The physical education locker room and bathroom facilities are to be used for physical education classes only.

    Injuries in Physical Education Class

        • Physical Education teachers stress safety first and foremost when instructing students in various games and activities.  Occasionally accidents do take place resulting in injuries.  All accidents or injuries no matter how major or minor they may be, must be reported to the physical education teacher instructing the class.  All students reporting an injury will be sent to the nurse for further examination.
        • Accident Reports will be filled out by the discretion of the school nurse. 

    Make-up Policy

        • In the event that a student has lost points in physical education as a result of absences, lack of participation, excessive tardiness, unprepared for physical education class or behavior, they will have the opportunity to raise their grade through P.E. Make-ups
          • Students must meet a physical education teacher during one of the designated Physical Education Tutorial periods.  Students may also make arrangements to attend Zero Period for a make-up.  Zero Period meets Monday thru Thursday 7:00AM to 7:30AM.
          • Make-up is 1.5 miles (6 laps) on the track.  An individual may ride 6 miles on the stationary bicycle providing the supervising teacher determines that the track is not an option as a result of inclement weather.
          • A student can only complete one make-up in a single school day period.
          • All make-ups must be completed no later than 2 weeks (10 school days) after the close of each marking period.  No physical education grades will be changed after two weeks from the close of the marking period.
          • Each make-up is worth 5.5 points
          • Students are permitted to complete a maximum of (4) P.E. Make-ups totaling 22 points

    Electronic Devices in Physical Education

        • Students are not permitted to use any electronic devices during physical education classes.  This includes cell phones, IPODS, calculators,  or any other device that the teacher feels is a disruption to the class or is inappropriate for a physical education setting.
          • All electronic devices must remain secured in the locker room during physical education class. No exceptions will be made.

    Medical Excuse

        • Students that have a legitimate medical excuse should present the school nurse with a medical doctor’s note.  Any student that has an approved medical doctor’s note excusing them from physical education will be excused from participating in physical education.  For extended periods of time, the students must complete an assignment in order to receive credit.  Please see the Medical Excuse from Physical Education Policy for details.
        • Any student receiving an excuse from the nurse’s office without a medical doctor’s note will be considered unexcused from physical education and will be required to do a make-up.
        • Any student that has been excused from physical education by a doctor must have a doctor’s note clearing them to return to physical education prior to returning to class.
        • Any athlete that has been excused from physical education class as a result of an injury or illness will not be eligible to participate in a practice or game/meet/competition.

    Grading System

        • Each student will begin each marking period will 100 points.  Points will be deducted from the students grade for the following:
          • Attendance
            • (L) = Late = 3.66 points / 3 (L) = 11 points = 1 Full Letter Grade Deduction
            • After (4) Absences(A) from PE - each additional (A) = 5.5 points
              • (2) additional absences = 11 points = 1 Full Letter Grade Deduction
            • Unexcused Medical Excuse (No Doctor’s Note) = 3.66 points
            • (C)=Cutting Class = 11 points (No Make-ups Permitted)
            •  (4) Cuts = Loss of Credit
          • Preparedness
            • (U) = Unprepared = 11 points = 1 Full Letter Grade Deduction
            •  (4) = Unprepared = 44 points = Failure for the Marking Period
          • Participation
            • (LP) = Lack of Participation = 5.5 points = ½ Letter Grade Deduction
            • (2) LP = 1 Full Letter Grade Deduction
            • 0 = Zero for the Day (discipline) = 11 points =  
              • No Make –Up Permitted
            • P=Profanity = 3 points/offense
          • Make-ups
            • (1) make-up = 5.5 points
            • Students are permitted to perform a maximum of  4 Physical Education Make-up in any one marking period
            • Please note: Points loss as a result of cutting class or receiving a Zero for the day will not able to be made up via Physical Education Make-ups


      • Grading Scale(As per the MHS Student Handbook)
        • A+ = 100-98   A = 97-93        A- = 92-90
        • B+ =  89-87     B = 86-83        B- = 82-80
        • C+ = 79-77     C = 76-73        C- = 72-70
        • D+ = 69-67     D = 66-63        D- = 62-60
        • F = 59 and below