•  This is a bit long, but it's an exact copy of the classroom rules I sent home at the beginning of the year.  Hopefully it will clear up any questions regarding my classroom procedure and/or grading policies.  If there's any questions, feel free to call or email. 


    Madison High School

    United States History I Enriched

    Holocaust & Genocide Studies

    Classroom Rules and Responsibilities, 2019-20

    Mr. Bernich



    In life we are all responsible for our own actions, behaviors and accomplishments.  As mature high school students I know you can all show me that you are capable of making good decisions, exceeding expectations and generally making this class great.


    Your Responsibilities:  


     Be in class, be on time!   Turn assignments in on time.  I’ll be adhering to the Social Studies department late policy!


    RESPECT others opinions, personalities and points of view.  Actively listen to me and to each other. 


    After an absence, check with me for missed work before or after class.  You’ll have a day to make it up for each day you’ve been out.  If you’ve missed a quiz or test, you have one week to make it up, otherwise no credit will be given.   Check Google Classroom!!!


    You’re responsible for your own learning, if you don’t understand, ask me, see me after school - keep communication open. 


    You will keep ALL assignments free from plagiarism or other academic dishonesty.  Make the best use of your time at all times (but don’t do homework from other classes!)  Follow all Madison High School codes of student conduct and rules.


    My Responsibilities:  To make history more than just names, dates and places – but rather to engage you all in the true story of who we are, where we came from and where we’re going.  To make each of you feel that you are a welcome member of this class with unique input and insight.  To challenge you to think, reach conclusions on your own, and use your outside knowledge and skills to learn, rather than giving you an answer to simply memorize and regurgitate.






    Most of these are pretty obvious, but still important:  When you come in to the classroom sit in your assigned seat.  Make note of all assignments written on the board or displayed on the smartboard or screen and write these down.  If there is a ‘do now’, do it. . .now!  When the door closes. . .we are ready to begin class.  When you have a question, raise your hand, thanks.  When either I or a classmate have the floor, you are to actively listen – this is not possible if you are also talking.  Follow all given directions throughout class.  I dismiss you from class, not the bell – I understand some of you have a long way to go to your next class, but leaving while I’m talking is not respectful.  Trust me, I very likely need to get to my next class on time as well.  If we finish early – stay in your seat rather than crowd around the door.




    Course Requirements


    1. Using a Three Ring Binder OR a spiral notebook WITH pockets.  I’ll be giving you plenty of handouts that you’re going to want to hold on to.
    2. Having pen, pencil and paper handy each class session. (I rarely have extras)
    3. Chromebooks – ONLY come out when I ask for them. No Phones.
    4. Textbooks should remain in your locker unless I ask for them in class ahead of time.
    5. Maintaining a classroom environment of self-discipline and mutual respect. Our classroom is a place where everyone should feel safe and able to share their ideas and opinions.
    6. DO NOT tread on my good graces. I am an easy going person and more than willing to give the benefit of the doubt to students in almost any situation.  If I begin to detect you taking advantage of me and my personality, the situation changes.  Example:  Do NOT take long breaks from class to roam the halls, feigning a need to go to the nurse or whatever.


    Grading Policies


    A note about late work:  Social Studies department policy is you have three days to submit late work, with a 20% late penalty.  After that, the grade is a zero.


    A note about Extra Credit. From time to time, I will offer extra credit assignments and opportunities. Take advantage of these as you see fit. They represent an opportunity to do something extra for a small bump in your grade. They will NEVER be significant enough to seriously change your need to do your REGULAR CREDIT work. Also, please see my note about “good graces”. I do not need to offer this. The best way to handle it is to either do it or not, and be thankful for it when it occurs.


    Class Participation:  You are what make this class happen!  I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions, understandings, questions or other thoughts on the subjects we cover.  Your participation in each class is expected, as is your co-operation as responsible high school students. Your daily participation and responsible classroom behavior are expected and become factors in your grades.



    Extra Help


    I will make myself available as often as possible after school and during lunch break to help you with any questions or concerns you have about the course (and anything else that might be bugging you!).  If you’re looking for extra help, please come with specific questions in mind so I can help target whatever you might be struggling with.  Please see me after class to arrange for extra help.


    My Desk (where I hang after school and during lunch) – G52

    Email:  bernichs@madisonnjps.org                 

    Phone/Voice Mail:  973-593-3117 xt 7264