The TI 84 plus was suggested as an appropriate calculator to use in Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II because it will be needed in higher levels of math at MHS.
    (FOR GEOMETRY STUDENTS) Instead of purchasing one calculator this year and a different in a subsequent year, you could purchase the TI 84 plus and it will last you throughout MHS.
     The TI 84 plus is expensive and costs around $100 dollars. If you have a TI 30XIIs (costs around $20) from the Junior school, you could get by with that calculator this year.
    (FOR ALGEBRA II STUDENTS) A graphing calculator is required. We use and model the TI 84 plus in class. If you have a different version or manufacturer you will need to keep yourself up to speed with the differnt functions and programming consistent with what we are covering in class.
    If you have a financial hardship, please see me privately and we can loan you one for the year.