• The mission of the Peer Group Connection (PGC) program at MHS is twofold:  to guide freshmen through a challenging period of transition and to help upperclassmen develop and use leadership skills. As freshmen enter a new environment, PGC strives to ease them through this process. Small group meetings foster relationships between ninth graders and upperclassmen and provide strategies for positive decision making. PGC opens communication between different grade levels resulting in a support network for the freshmen. This experience helps them develop self-confidence and a positive self-image. One key element of the program involves providing alternatives to negative behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use, through PGC sponsored events and small group discussions. Equally important is the opportunity for upperclassmen to develop the skills necessary to be effective leaders for the program, as well as in the future. Overall, PGC bridges the gap between middle school and high school and improves the overall climate of MHS. All freshmen will participate in PGC during their Physical Education classes. Students interested in serving as PGC leaders can apply in the spring of their sophomore year.
    PGC currently meets during Period 5 in C17.