• Grading Policy:

    A point system is used.  Each of homework assignment, quiz, test and project are worth a certain amount of points.  Grades will be determined by dividing earned points by total possible points. 

    Chinese 2 & 3 students will be given 20 points on the first day of each marking period for class participation, and Chinese 4 students will be given 10 points for participation. Students will lose 2 points for using unnecessary English and having any inappropriate behavior during the class time.

    For AP, Chinese 5 and Chinese 4 students: 

    There are one extra works each week for the students who are willing to practice more and receive extra credit for the marking period. The students who complete each 5 extra works with good quality (85% & up correct) will receive 1 extra credit for the final grade of the marking period.

    Late Work and Make-Up Policy:

     No unexcused late work will be accepted.  Students are granted two days to make up work for each day of excused absence.  For extended absences, please contact teacher to make arrangement for making-up works, especially for all of making-up quizzes or tests. All of the missing quizzes or tests should be made up within one week after students come back from absence, otherwise students will receive zero for the missing work. For special case, if students need extended days for making-up their missing quizzes or tests, students must communicate with teacher first. In any case, all of the make up works can't be completed more than two weeks.