• To: All Parents/Legal Guardians

    Date: School Year 2011-2012
    Occasionally during the school year your child might need to take medications during school hours. This includes over the counter medications as well as prescription medications. If the medication cannot be administered at home, the school nurse can give it provided that certain regulations are followed.
    Click each form title for a printer-friendly copy of the form.

    · For over the counter and prescription medications complete the form "Permission for Medication and Over the Counter Medications".  All over the counter medication must be sealed and unopened with the child’s name clearly marked on the bottle. All prescription medication must be properly labeled with the child’s name, name of medication, administration instructions, doctor’s name and date. (Ask the pharmacist to provide two bottles with proper prescription labels so that you can have one for home and one for school. Send only the amount of medication your child will need for school.)

    · If you are requesting that your child be permitted to carry an inhaler or epi-pen injectable medication please complete the form for "Request and Permission for Self-Administration of Medication". Madison Public School District Policy forbids any pupil from carrying any medication (over the counter or prescription) without the knowledge and permission of the administration and the school nurse.

    If your child needs to be given more than one medication at school feel free to pring multiple copies of these forms and complete one form per medication. Thank you for your cooperation.


    Diane Fastiggi
    Madison High School Nurse