• SAIF Insurance General Liability Coverage

    Please be advised that SAIF, our liability insurance provider, requires all organizations associated with the school district, (Quasi Entities) to complete an application for General Liability Insurance annually.

    CA PTO

    KR PTO

    TJ PTO

    JS PTO

    HS PTO

    Madison Education Foundation

    Madison Music and Arts


    Football Huddle Club

    Boys/Girls Soccer Booster Clubs

    Track/Cross Country Booster Club

    Volleyball Booster Club

    Boys Basketball - Tip In Club

    Wrestling-Takedown Club

    Girls Basketball - Tip In Club

    Marching Dodgers Booster Club

    Ice Hockey Booster Club

    Baseball-Bull Pen Club

    Softball-Diamond Club

    Girls/Boys Lacrosse Clubs

    Girls/Boys Swimming

    Girls Field Hockey Booster Club

    Madison Junior School Athletic Org.



    *Above organizations must file a Quasi Entity Application as mandated by the district insurance company in order to be provided coverage.

    Quasi Ins. Form 2019-20

    Please be advised, that Quasi Entities are considered an extension of the district itself and, as the district is not in the business of furnishing alcohol, any event that provides alcohol is not recommended and, not permitted on school property. If an organization hosts such an event, the group would need to hold such event off site from district facilities and purchase their own insurance policy. There are special event policies available for these instances. The organization may contact an agent of your choosing or, contact the district’s insurance agent using the contact instruction provided below directly for assistance.

    District’s Insurance Provider:

    Mr. Robert Gemmell, Account Executive

    Brown & Brown Metro

    30A Vreeland Road

    Florham Park, New Jersey 07932