• Grade sheet

    I update the parent portal regularly along with reminders regarding incomplete or missing work. I highly encourage my students to use this resource. Some students prefer to also keep a running grade sheet of their own, which I have provided above. A physical grade sheet is helpful as another check on what Genesis shows. I hope the tools provided help you keep track and take ownership of your progress.
    Your grade should never be a surprise. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your grade, please see me. I promise I’ll talk to you if I have any questions. I’m an “all cards on the table” type of gal and I will not take offense. Since we are required to have grades, I want them to be as meaningful as they can be. We all react differently to the the grading process. If you are confused or uncomfortable at any point, please see me. Thanks.
    Below are a few additional items of interest. As we go through the year, I discuss these general policies in detail, repeatedly, and include illustrative stories. Woo Hoo!

    Due Date/Late/Make-up Policy: Due dates aren’t punishment. They are an important part of the teaching/learning process. I take them seriously and I have been very fortunate because, for over twenty years, my students have also. Oddly enough, however, my make-up policy is rather lenient. I will explain why in class. The discussion will revolve around four topics:

    · Choices & consequences:

    · Ownership:

    · Health & family:

    · Stress Management:

    The policy generally boils down to this:

    · For every day an assignment is late, the grade moves down an increment on the MHS grading scale located in your handbook. For example, let’s say you hand in an assignment two days late. If the grade is a B, it would move to a C+.

    · If you are having technical difficulties the night before something is due, I understand and we will discuss, depending upon the assignment particulars, a fair solution. Often there is little in the way of a penalty. However, I will only understand if you hand me your latest version of your work.

    · Work assigned several days prior to an absence is expected the day you come back. If that seems problematic for you, please see me so we can, hopefully, come to a mutually acceptable solution.

    · If you are absent for an extended period, please see me as soon as possible. It can be overwhelming to make up work in multiple subjects. Together we can come up with a reasonable timetable.

    · Something sometime is almost always better than nothing. However, please see below. Thank you.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING FELLOWS Due Date/LATE POLICY: The History Department is part of the Humanities Department. For MAJOR assignments, we all must follow department guidelines. You may find them on the Humanities Department Website. I have included the link to the policy here: https://www.madisonpublicschools.org/Page/10621  I will clearly indicate in writing when an assignment is MAJOR and falls within these guidelines. 

    Extra Credit: Yes, extra credit exists for World History periods 3, 5, and 7. and Economics.  It is offered throughout the marking period to everyone in a multitude of ways. Please don't let these opportunities pass you by. There will be no extra credit opportunities given to panicked individual students at the end of a marking period. That leaves no time for all students to take advantage of the opportunity. Thanks for your understanding.

    There is no Extra Credit for AP Macroeconomics. 

    Safety Grades: Not everyone can earn an A as a final grade for the marking period. However, throughout each marking period, I offer what I call “safety grades.” These are quizzes, classwork, and homework of the type that, with reasonable effort, allow everyone the opportunity to earn an A at some point in the marking period. Again, please don’t let these opportunities pass you by. They can help offset any assignments you find difficult and occasional poor performance.