• Course Expectations




    Mrs. Leslie Gentile


    You will be expected to:

    Be on time everyday.

    Complete all assignments

    Hand in all work when it’s due

    Show respect to peers, teacher, and yourself

    Be ready to get to work when the bell rings


    Make sure you put name, date, page # on all assignments



    You will need:






    Grading criteria:
    All grades are done on a point system and or percentage depending on the class.  You will be given grades for classwork, homework, quizzes and tests. 





    I am available  everyday before and after school, unless I have a meeting or an emergency.  I am also available during lunch and periods 2 and   every day. 


    You may reach me by phone  at 973-593-3117 ext. 7130.  At other times, please leave a message at the office, and I will promptly return the call.  Addtionally, I can be reached over e mail, at