• Algebra 1








    I. Course Description

    Students in Algebra 1 continue their study of patterns and relationships, formalizing their knowledge, learning to use symbolic notation and connecting their understandings to the real world. Units of study will include linear equations and inequalities, linear, absolute value, quadratic and exponential functions, systems of equations and inequalities, polynomials, radicals, and data analysis. The curriculum is aligned the Common Core Standards for Mathematics and encourages all learners to take an active part in meeting the goals outlined below



    II. Required Text and Materials:


    A. Algebra 1: A Common Core Curriculum (Big Ideas Learning)

    B. 3 ring binder

    C. Lined notebook paper

    D. Pens/Pencils

    E. Erasers

    F. Calculator
    G. Composition notebook



    III. Classroom Expectations

     Arrive to class on time with all necessary materials

     Begin and stay on task without reminders

     Be an active listener (keep head up, stay in your seat)

    Treat the learning environment, other students and adults with respect  Accept responsibility for your own work and behavior  Abide by MHS Honor Code  Follow classroom policies:

    1. No cell phones at any time. You will be given one warning for the year, after that all devices will be immediately confiscated and turned into the office.

    2. Bathroom use is allowed before and after class instruction and should not be abused.



    IV.   Class Participation

    You are expected to contribute positively to class discussions by respectfully listening to and responding to others. There will be many opportunities to demonstrate work at the board, ask questions and work cooperatively with a peer or in a small group.