AP Statistics
    Course Expectations
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    I.                Course Description

    AP Statistics is a college-level course which will prepare the students to take the Advanced Placement Examination in statistics prepared by The College Board and administered at the high school during the month of May.  The course will focus on data collection, analysis, and decision-making and will follow the syllabus for Statistics as developed by The College Board.  Students who select this course should be well motivated and willing to work in a course taught at the college level. Students enrolled in AP courses are required to take the AP exam.


    II.              Required Text & Materials

    ·       The Practice of Statistics, 4E

    ·       TI-84 Graphing Calculator

    ·       Notebook

    ·       Lined notebook paper


    III.            Grading Policy

    ·       The marking period grade will be based on a point system. 

    ·       Tests will be given at the end of each chapter. Adequate notice will be given for all tests.

    ·       Quizzes will be given after each section and will usually be announced.

    ·       Homework will be assigned regularly and will count toward the marking period grad


    Homework will be 5% of the marking period grade

    All other graded items will be 95% of the marking period grade


    IV.            Classroom Expectations

    ·       Arrive to class on time with all necessary materials

    ·       Begin and stay on task without reminders

    ·       Be an active listener (keep head up, stay in your seat)

    ·       Treat the learning environment, other students, and adults with respect

    ·       Accept responsibility for your own work and behavior

    ·       Abide by the MHS Honor Code


     V.               Late Work & Make-up Policy

    ·       There will be no makeup of low quiz or test scores.

    ·       Make-up of work missed due to absence(s) will follow the school policy.

    ·       All other late/missed work will lose 10% from the assignment for each day that it is late.

    ·       It is the student’s responsibility to get the missed assignment.

    ·       If absent on the day of a test/quiz, the student will be expected to make up the assessment upon his/her return.

    ·       A student will receive a zero on any test, quiz, or homework assignment that is missed because of an unexcused absence or cut class.


    VI.            Class Participation

    All students are expected to participate fully during class discussions. It has been my experience that the students who participate the most, learn the most. This being said, class participation is not part of the marking period grade.


    VII.          Teacher Availability

    ·       Monday – Friday before school

    ·       Tuesday – Friday after school
    ·       Lunch – by appointment only