• Madison High School
    Literacy Support
    Instructor:  Mrs. Brzozowski

                 Phone:  (973) 593-3117 Ext. 7109

    E-Mail:  brzozowskin@madisonpublicschools.org

    Web page:  madisonpublicschools.org

    Office Location:  Room B-16


    ·         A three-ring binder divided into three sections.  These sections will include a note section, a vocabulary section, and a writing section.

    ·         A writing utensil and a high-liter.


    Grading Policy:


    All assessments will be graded out of a specific number of points.
    Grades are determined by adding up the total number of points earned and dividing it by the total number of points available. 
    Independent Reading:

    You will have a choice of books to read, many of which are on tape.

    You will have the opportunity to read the books in school as well as home.

    In approximately five to six weeks the books should be completed and an analysis written.

    The analysis will focus on the literary elements of setting, characterization, plot, conflict, resolution and theme.




    All work done for this class will be assessed on the following:

    Class Work




    Student preparation

    Student effort and participation

    Written composition and written responses to reading

    Completion of assignments

    Class Participation:

    This course requires participation from all students.  Students are expected to take an active role in reading, writing, class discussions and projects.


    Late Work & Make-Up Policy:

    Please see the Humanites web page. 

    The Key to Success:

      READ!!!   READ!!!   READ!!!

      Participate in the Writing Process on all written assignments and make time to conference with the teacher.

      Participate in class.

      TAKE NOTES, both in class and in your reading at home.

      Individual, independent completion of all assigned homework and class work –follow the honor code!


    Teacher Availability:

    The teacher is available after school and during tutorial.