• Literacy Support Proficiencies
      1. Root words
      2. Prefixes
      3. Suffixes
      4. Latin word roots

    II. Improve and further develop vocabulary-building skills

      1. Multiple meaning of words
      2. Use of context clues
      3. Using opposite meaning signals
      4. Using expressed and implied clues
      5. Using compare and contrast clues
      6. Using appositive clues
      7. Using restatement clues
      8. Direct explanation and description clues

    III. Figurative Language

      1. Similes
      2. Metaphors
      3. Personification
      4. Irony
      5. Oxymoron
      6. Alliteration

    IV. Improve comprehension and interpretation skills

      1. Identifying the main idea and supporting details
      2. Distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant information

    V. Develop critical and analytical approaches to reading

      1. Making inferences
      2. Drawing conclusions
      3. Identifying fact/opinion
      4. Predicting future action

    VI. Applying specific reading skills to content area material

    VII. Be familiar with a variety of reading materials

      1. Understand and identify literary elements (plot, setting, theme, conflict, resolution, and mood)
      2. Read a variety of materials
      1. Narrative
      2. Persuasive
      3. Non-fiction
      4. Fiction
      1. Short story
      2. Novels

    In conjunction with their reading, students will be working with the format of the PARCC Test in order to develop the skills needed to make them feel more confident about writing.