• Conflict Resolution

    Conflict Resolution is an after school club focused on teaching students the win/win method of resolving conlifts. We also plan events at the Junior School for Week of Respect, Violence Awareness Week, Red Ribbon Week, and the Martin Luther King Assembly.
    Some students become mediators who will help students at MJS work through an argument or conflict, using the 6 steps of win/win.
    Students will prepare a presentation for elementary students! 5th grade students will work in small groups with MJS students to learn the 6 step of win/win. This is a great opportunity for 5th graders to meet Junior School students.
    1. Take time to cool off.
    2. Use "I" messages to state how you feel.
    3. Each person states the problem as the other person sees it.
    4. Each person says how they are responsible for the problem.
    5. Brainstorm solutions.
    6. Affirm, forgive, and/or thank each other