Register for the Madison Public Schools Website

    & Sign up for E-Alerts


    1.        Go to www.madisonpublicschools.org

    2.        Click on the Register at the top right of the page.

    3.        Enter your birth date and click Submit. (You must be older than 18 to do this.)

    4.        Complete the form that displays.  Required fields are outlined in red with an asterisk*.

    5.        Check the “Please send me email about Events and Activities” box and click Submit.  (Checking this box alone DOES NOT get you E-Alerts!!! You MUST follow the steps below to subscribe to E-Alerts).

    6.        You will see a message indicating that your registration has been accepted.

    7.        Sign into the website using your Sign-In Name and Password.  Click Sign In at the top right of the site, or by from the link under the Acceptance Message.

    8.        Click Access My Info at the top right of the page

    9.        Scroll down to My E-Alerts & Subscriptions

    10.     Click Edit Subscriptions.  This takes you to a screen where you can select the website sections from which you want E-Alerts.

    11.     Select Madison Junior School from the Drop-Down menu. IMPORTANT NOTE:  The first list is all Madison Public School District Level alerts.  District Alerts and MJS Alerts will be different.

    12.     Check the box next to EACH page from which you want E-Alerts.  Checking the top-most box on the MJS page gives you E-Alerts from MJS main homepage only!  Check the box next to EACH PAGE from which you want E-Alerts  (i.e. MJS homepage, MJS PTO, individual teachers’ pages, etc).  

    13.     Scroll down to the bottom and click on Subscribe. You are now set to receive E-Alerts from MJSYou must click SUBSCRIBE on EACH SCHOOL OR DISTRICT PAGE to save the E-Alerts.

    14.     If successful, the screen will say:  Your profile changes have been saved.  You may Change your Profile again...  ...or select a site area from the left navigation bar. 

    15.     To subscribe to another school or the District Level Alerts, click Change your Profile

    16.     Repeat steps 9 through 15 until you have completed all of your E-Alert subscriptions.