• Grading Policy

    Grading will be done using a point system.  A student's  average will be determined by calculating the ratio of points earned to total number of points assigned.


    Tests-approximately 100 points each.  There will be 2-3 per marking period.
    Quizzes-approximately 50 points each.  There will be approximately 4-6 quizzes per marking period.
    Projects- the number of points will be determined by the depth and length of the assignment.  Rubrics will be provided to help students be successful. 
    Homework- daily homework assignments will be worth approximately 2 points each. There will be 3-4 homework assignments each week.
    Problem of the Week- the problem of the week will be worth 5 points and there will be approximately 8 POW’s each marking period. We will use the online program Edulastic. 
    Class work- assignments will range from 5-20 points depending on length and depth.  Will include participation, preparation and organization.
    Alternative Assignments- may be assigned throughout the year.  Students will receive details about grading prior to beginning the assignment.