• Let's Get Organized

     Daily Procedures

    • Come in and sit down.  Please take out a pencil/pen and your assignment pad.
    • Grab a Chromebook
    • You will update your assignment pad by adding homework, tests, quizzes, and long term assignments using chromebook
    •  Your assignment pad will be checked for accuracy.
    •  Homework will be checked.

    Notebook Procedures/Organizing Your Binder

    • Organize your binder in order of your schedule.
    • Keep papers in their proper folders or sections.
    • Clean out folders and put all papers with holes in the rings.
    • Keep the hole punched papers in the proper order.
    • Keep your table of contents updated.
    • When you clean out a section of a notebook, after a test or when directed by a teacher, take those papers home and file them. Do NOT throw them away. You may need them for future tests or assignments.
    What I Will Do to Help You
    • help you stay organized
    • reteach concepts that you do not understand
    • teach you ways to study and create study devices (flashcards, study guides...)
    • help you with projects
    • encourage you to use your time wisely

    Organization at Home

    • Create a study/homework area with supplies easily at hand
    • Keep note card box to organize vocabulary flashcards
    • Create a filing system using folders, one for each core subject, to save your papers that you bring home from school
    • Write assignments on desk calendar to stay organized

Last Modified on September 28, 2017