•   7TH Grade Resource Room Ongoing Activities
     ·       Check homework assignment pad for accuracy

    ·       Keep an organized notebook for each core and cycle class

    ·       Identify any materials that should be taken home
    · Identify any materials that need to be brought into today's classes

    ·       Discuss and create a schedule for home  study

    ·       Discuss optimum time for home study

    ·       Discuss how to create and maintain an organized study area at home

    ·       Discuss how to file away quizzes and tests 


    ·       Learn how to study for quizzes and tests – strategies  
    ·       Learn how to make and utilize note cards
    ·       Review daily class notes for understanding and accuracy       
    ·       Practice for test taking skills
    ·       Self-management  - monitor one’s own study behavior
    *The grade for Resource Room is based on a pass/fail system. Each student is expected to participate in all practice activities. Students are expected to practice all strategies presented in the program. Encouragement is given.
    *Parents and Guardians please contact me with questions, comments or concerns: