•  Organization

                                     An online LA folder:            

     “LAST FIRST LA per ___”
    Ex:  BonJovi Jon LA per 1


    • SHARE folder with me  (Please note: since the folder is shared, docs will automatically be shared with me once they are created in your folder. Therefore, individual docs SHOULD NOT be shared with me each time. 
    • Individual documents should be named properly & be created when in your LA folder and/or when submitted in Google classroom  --EX: “LAST NAME FIRST NAME Ice Cream"

     Staying Organized at Home

    Please make sure you file away all your class notes & assessments at home in a file cabinet. This filing will usually take place at the end of the marking period/unit or after a notebook quiz is given. The teacher will direct you to do this procedure. Remember your yellow reference section remains in your flex binder ALL year.