•    The MJS seventh grade curriculum follows the Common Core Standards and prepares students for the state assessments and for the future.  Our students learn to work both independently and collaboratively in pairs and groups.
         In addition to assigned readings, students will be required to choose independent reading selections from various genres each marking period. 


       All students will maintain an online writing portfolio.  At the end of the year, the portfolio may contain the following: persuasive/argumentative writing pieces, explanatory essay,  quote based essay, a narrative/memoir, poems, expository/creative stories, literature responses, a personal letter and/or business letter, timed writing samples and a written self-appraisal.  Additionally, students will keep a Writer's notebook for writing ideas, brainstorming, and drafts.

       Students in the seventh grade will be involved in various cross-curriculum activities designed so that students will learn to use the Internet, other electronic and audio-visual resources, and print resources to retrieve desired information.  Students will learn how to synthesize, organize, and present the information.  They will also learn to cite these resources correctly.