•  Supplies for Spanish Class
    1. Spanish Binder: 1-inch three-ring binder
    2. Notebook filler paper
    3. A mesh pencil case that fits in the binder
    4. A set of 3 dividers for the binder
    5. A Spanish-English dictionary (optional)
    6.  "3 x 5" index cards (several packs)
    7.  Pen, pencil, highlighter, two dry erase markers
    8. A marble composition notebook

    How should I label my dividers?

     Los paquetes (These are packets of information that I will give you for each chapter.)

    • Las actividades y la tarea (Class activities, words to songs, useful questions, model answers and homework)

    • Los verbos (Verb charts and activities)


    What else do I need to know about my Spanish binder?

    You must properly date each page used (for example, el 4 de septiembre de 2020 or 4/9/2020) - great practice with months & numbers!

    If you use an online dictionary at home, use wordreference.com. Remember that Google translate is not a dictionary and should never be used to look up words.