1M is a nut-free classroom. Please follow the guidelines below for everyone's comfort and safety.
    Thank you!
    Your child can either bring in a lunch or buy from the cafeteria. Please make sure their lunchbox is labeled clearly. 
    You can sign up for a lunch account online - click on the 'lunch menu' tab on the CAS Home Page for more details. 
    VERY IMPORTANT: When sending in money for lunch – please send in $ in a sealed envelope with your child’s FULL name on it and class (1M).
    Please make sure your child has a healthy snack each day. Snack will be in the afternoon. 
    Snack can be packed separately or with their lunchbox. Please make sure it is something they can open easily for themselves and they have everything they need such as a spoon as we do not have these in the classroom.  Send in a juice box or water (no soda please). 
    Students are NOT allowed to share snacks and it is district policy that we are unable to provide a snack for anyone who has forgotten theirs.



    We love to celebrate birthdays in school!  Sorry but food treats are NOT permitted in the classroom for birthdays. 

    However we can celebrate in many other ways. Some suggestions:

    ·   Birthday treats for the class such as birthday pencils, stickers, bubbles etc; Send in a favorite book that we can read with the class; Or you do not need to send in anything!

    Whether a treat is sent in or not, we will still celebrate your child’s birthday by singing Happy Birthday and making him/her feel special that day!

    *Summer birthdays are celebrated at the end of the school year.