• Reading Workshop

    There are a variety of components to our Reading Workshop program.  Students participate in some, or all, of these components on a daily basis.  Together, these components form a balanced literacy program with an emphasis on word work and reading strategies.

    The components are:
    1. Word Work - Students work independently or in partners on word sorts or other activities to develop phonics, spelling, and vocabulary skills.
    2. Read Aloud - During the read aloud, the teacher demonstrates reading strategies for both decoding and comprehension.
    3. Independent Reading - Students read independently in order to practice teacher demonstrated reading strategies, as well as fluency.
    4. Reading Groups - Students work in small teacher-instructed groups on targeted reading skills.  These skills are based on student needs.
    5. Centers - Students review previously taught skills in independent academic activities while the teacher is working with reading groups.

    Reading Group

    There are 7 units of study:
    Launching & Building Good Reading Habits
    Character Study
    Non-Fiction Reading
    Mystery Book Clubs
    Close Reading Of Text Sets Across Genre
    Content Area Reading