• Writing Workshop

    In writing workshop, students gain experience and practice in writing through a workshop approach.  Through different units throughout the year, students are taught a variety of writing techniques that allow them to grow as writers.

    The writing workshop is made up of 4 parts:
    Mini-Lesson - The teacher models the skill or strategy focus for the day and students are given the opportunity to practice while in a group.
    Independent Writing Time/Conferring - Students work independently, frequently practicing the skill or strategy presented in the mini-lesson.  The teacher conferences with individual students at this time as well as conducts small group strategy lessons.
    Mid-Workshop Teaching Point - The teacher uses information gathered from individual conferences in order to choose a teaching point that requires clarification for many students or to expand a strategy for students to go further in their writing.
    Share/Partnerships - This portion is an opportunity for the teacher to wrap up the day's lesson, highlight individual student's work, or have students discuss the work they are doing as writers.

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    Third Grade Writing Units:
    Launching the Writing Workshop/
    Lifting the Level of Personal Narrative Writing
    Personal Essay
    Realistic Fiction
    Literary Essay
    Content Area Writing - Information Writing About Science