• Social Studies

    Third grade social studies is all about New Jersey!  Students will explore the history, demographics, geography, resources, and early settlers to New Jersey.

    Students will study New Jersey in the first unit.  They will learn about the different regions in New Jersey and the resources found in the state.  They will learn the counties and major cities of New Jersey.

    In the second unit, students will learn about the native people of New Jersey, the Lenni Lenape.  They will find out where the Lenape Native Americans came from.  They will learn about the life and beliefs of the Lenape.

    Students will study the state government of New Jersey in the third social studies unit.  They will learn about the three branches of government and the responsibilities of each branch.  They will also investigate the economy of New Jersey
    The final social studies unit will prepare students for the fourth grade.  Students will learn about the different regions of the United States.  They will learn about the geography, climate, economy, and notable sites in each region.