Birthday Celebrations
    Birthdays will be celebrated in class in a variety of ways.  Each child may choose what celebration he or she would like. 

    Some possible ideas are:
    • Bring in a treat for the students in the class (sticker, bookmark, pencil, notepad, etc).
    • Share a favorite book with the class.
    • Donate a favorite book to the classroom library.
    • Play a game with the class.
    • Share a "Me Bag" with the class.
    • Create a short DVD of pictures from the child's life.
    • Bring in a CD with several of your favorite songs.
    **Please note that NO food/treats should be sent into CAS for birthday celebrations.
    Please contact me to arrange your child's birthday celebration in advance of his or her birthday - lotwiche@madisonnjps.org.  Thank you!!