What's New IN 4-O

  • November News Letter: 



    What’s New in 4-O                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   November 2019                                                                             

    What Will We Be Learning this month? 

    Writing: Our unit this month in writing is a persuasive essay.  The students will pick topics that they are passionate about or feel strongly about.  Next, the students will come up with three reasons to back up this idea in order to persuade someone to see their side. 

    During this unit, the students will have a class debate on a given topic, learn about a counter-argument and share their final essays at the end. 

    Reading: Fourth Grade Reading Workshop provides opportunities for students to read independently and with book clubs while reading a narrative, informational, and complex short texts across genres. Our second unit will be independent research on one of the 50 states.  The students will research various topics on their state, take notes, and have opportunities to share with a partner on this topic. At the end of this unit, the students will create a google slideshow to share with their classmates.

    ***Students have a non-fiction book for their state in class already, but feel free to send in any other books from the public library.

    Math:  Unit 2 is titled Multiplication and Division. Fourth graders will review multiplication facts briefly but should have them memorized at this point.  During this unit, the students will learn different methods to solve a multiplication problem.  

    Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts at home!

    Important Dates

    November 7 and 8: Teacher’s Convention

    November 20 and 21: Parent-Teacher Conferences

    November 28 and 29 Thanksgiving break  

    Mrs.  Cindy O’Donnell :  odonnellc@madisonnjps.org