• November
    Here you can read about what your students explored this past month and what you can expect them to be exploring in music this month as we sing, say, dance and play...
    Kindergarten has been exploring beat in music and has identified differences between fast/slow, high/low and types of voices (whispering, talking, singing, calling). We have been moving and listening to different music and reading different stories.

    1st Grade
    1st Grade now knows three new musical vocaubalry words: beat, phrase, and rhythm. We are working on activities to solidify the understanding of beat v. rhythm. Soon, they will be able to compose their own rhythmic patterns, using ta, Titi and rest

    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade is learning a new note, Do, while continuing to work with Sol, La and Mi. They are also preparing a new concept of 4 sixteenth notes on one beat.  We have also been working on simple folk dance steps that match our songs phrases. We are using these tools to identify the form of a piece of music. We will begin our unit on the orchestra soon!

    3rd Grade
    3rd grade has recieve their recorders! We read a story about Freddie the Frog, who lives on Treble Clef Island, in preparation for note names.  They will be using two recorder method boosk this year. Recorder Karate and The complete Recorder Resource kit. Please review the papers that went home about proper playing and care for the recorder. This is an excellent opportunity to help them prepare for playing an instrument next year in 4th grade Band and Orchestra.  

    4th Grade 
    4th grade has been reviewing rhythms and notes through out new songs and activities. We have prepared and are practicing syncopated rhythms and eighth note/sixteenth note combinations (ti-tika). We have learned some new beat passing games that work with keeping a steady beat and learning songs in different languages. 

    5th Grade
    5th graders have been reviewing reviewing all of the notes and rhythms that they have learned in the past years. They are learning about major and minor scales as well as chords, in preparationg for a ukulele unit. 
Last Modified on November 5, 2018