• September
    Here you can read about what your students explored this past month and what you can expect them to be exploring in music this month as we sing, say, dance and play...
    Kindergarten will be exploring different types of voices as well as keeping a beat using their body

    1st Grade
    1st Grade is working on using their singing voice to match pitch and keeping a steady beat

    2nd Grade
    2nd Grade is reviewing Sol, Mi and La; steady beat v. rhythm; and ta, titi and rest.

    3rd Grade
    3rd grade is reviewing concepts from 2nd grade as well as learning note names on the staff in preparation for recieving their recorders.

    4th Grade 
    4th grade is reviewing 3rd grade rhythm concepts and reviewing the pentatonic scale

    5th Grade
    5th grade is reviewing ukulele chords and rhythms learned in 4th grade
Last Modified on September 19, 2019