• Reading
    In reading this year, we will be studying many novels.  We will work in literature discussion groups.  We will learn new vocabulary, comprehension skills, analyze character development, make connections to our lives, and  look at all the literary devices that authors use to make a story great.
    We will be doing several units.  The first one is discovering pond life.  Another unit we will be doing is on simple machines.  We will build our own simple (and complex) machines.  In the spring,we will study flight and rocketry.  We will study how things fly and build our own rockets! In our final unit, we will study astronomy.
    Planets, stars and moons!  Oh my!
    We will work in several genres this year.  We will start with a unit on the personal narrative.  We will also study poetry,  literary essays, persuasive writing, picture prompt writing, as well as fictional writing.
    We cover many concepts including: multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, pre-algebra, graphs,  intergers and problem solving.
    Social Studies
    We are very busy in social studies!  We study geography, explorers,American Revolution, U S. Government, and Westward Expansion.
Last Modified on September 3, 2010