• October News....

    Wow!  The time is flying right on by!  It's October!  Time to decorate the pumpkins and get the costumes ready!  Here is what is going on in our classroom... 

    READING:  We are reading novels in the realistic fiction genre.  We are devouring books!We are finding new difficult vocabulary, studying the characters, finding similes, metaphors, and alliteration, and working on journal responses.  Journal responses are written thoughts about several chapters, using prompts.  Your child has a rubric on how these will be graded and we have done one together in class to practice.
    WRITING:  We are writing realistic fiction stories!  Stay tuned!
    Math:  We are multiplying and dividing 2 digit and 3 digit numbers. We will be tackling word problems using bar modeling, tables and other methods to solve!
    Social Studies:  We are studying what life in the colonies was like.  We are about to start complaining about England and all of the rules that they thrust upon us, without even asking us what we thought about it!
    Conferences are coming up!  They are on Nov.20th and 21st. Just a reminder, if your 5th grader would like to come, they are invited to discuss their progress in writing with you.  They will stay for about 5 minutes, and then we will continue the conference without them. There is a separate link on my home page to see your times.

    Halloween-Details about our parade (1:30) and party will be coming soon.  Please make sure your child has a costume that they can put on by themselves, and that they have good visibility in!


    Orchestra- Tues. mornings

    Band- Wed. mornings

    Math clinic- Thursday mornings (8:10)

    Chorus- Friday mornings


Last Modified on October 17, 2019