• Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hello!  Welcome to  November!  I am looking forward to meeting with you at conference time! 
    Reading-  We are reading historical fiction books!  Come back in time with us!
    Writing-We are about to start our new unit on the Persuasive Essay.   We will be working on this for all of November.  We are going to find issues that the students feel strongly about and write about how they feel using clear supports. The students must also research and find experts who not only agree with them, but can provide statistics and facts to back up these great ideas. We are also going to learn the basic framework for an essay, which will carry over into our next writing unit in December.
    Math- We are moving onto decimals.  We will study place value, adding, subtraction, multiplying and dividing.  Your child really must know their multiplication facts in 5th grade.  Please keep practicing every night!
Last Modified on October 29, 2019