Megan K. Petersen, MS OTR


    Strengthening/Fine Motor activities:

    1. Squeeze, roll, pinch play-doh, silly putty, etc.
    2. Pick up small items with tweezers or clothespins
    3. Paint with cotton balls
    4. Perform activities like stringing beads, small pegs in a board
    5. Work on lacing strips
    6. Build walls/towers/trains, etc. with blocks
    7. Travel games like Don’t Wake Daddy, Trouble, Connect four etc (their pieces are smaller)
    8. Cutting with scissors


    Upper Body Strengthening Activities:

    1. Have child lay down on stomach/propped up on the elbows to read books, complete a puzzle, etc.
    2. Work on wheelbarrow walking.
    3. Play catch with balloons, various sized balls.


    Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Skills

    1. Puzzles
    2. Try simple mazes and dot to dot activities
    3. Copy shapes, block patterns, peg patterns



    1. Trace lines, shapes, letters of puzzles, magnets…
    2. Draw lines, shapes, letters in rice, on rug, in shaving cream, in soap, Ziploc bags filled with hair get/shampoo…
    3. Form lines shapes and letters out of play-doh and trace with pointer finger. (ex: make a square out of four pieces not one).
    4. Trace lines shapes and letters with crayons/color pencils/markers.
    5. Draw and color shapes working on staying within the boundaries.
    6. Form lines and shapes  out of food items like pasta, pretzels
    7. Form large shapes lines and letters on an easel or with chalk on the driveway. Have the child walk the chalk letters (focus on capital letters beginning at the top and make sure that they form them in the correct order)

    Megan K. Petersen, MS OT