• Cool Apps for I-Pads

    Erica Zuckerman and Megan Petersen

    For those with an IPad or ITouch

    Ø      Articulation Pro-articulation practice and can purchase specific sounds

    Ø      Splingo-following directions, listening skills, picture identification, spatial concepts

    Ø      What’s in the bag?- asking questions, categories, deductive reasoning, staying on topic

    Ø      Kindergaten.com

    ü      Actions

    ü      Emotions

    ü      Vehicles

    ü      Nouns

    Ø      Clean up by Different Roads to Learning-categorization, labeling, turn taking

    Ø      Doodle Dots by Sprout-labeling, colors, shapes, visual scanning

    Ø      Miss Spider’s Tea Party or Bedtime by David Kirk-Reading comprehension, answering questions, labeling, colors, visual scanning, coloring, memory game, puzzles

    Ø      Super Duper Publications-

    ü      Using I and Me-Personal pronoun usage

    ü      WH Questions- Answering questions

    ü      Let’s Name Things Fun deck-Naming, labeling

    ü      Webber Photo Articulation Castle-articulation skills at the word, phrase, and sentence level

    ü      Listening for Absurdities- listening, reasoning, and problem solving skills

    Ø      WDNB?-What does not belong?- categorizing, classifying, and organizing

    Ø      Drawing App (picture of colored pencils and red/orange coloring)/Glow Draw/Glitter Draw/Doodle Buddy

    Ø      Traces Plus—tracing individual letters

    Ø      Hidden Pictures—Highlights hidden pictures (for older children); Hidden Egg Hunt (good for younger children); Hidden Numbers; Seek and Find Lite Version—actions, labeling, visual scanning, visual skills

    Ø      Puzzle Games—Cars Trucks; Kids Puzzles—labeling, positional concepts, visual skills, motor skills

    Ø      Thomas the Tank Engine—Hero Rails/Day of Diesels/Misty Island—coloring, reading comprehension, answering questions, labeling, colors, visual scanning, memory game, puzzles