• Gift Suggestions


    Erica Zuckerman, Megan Petersen and Theresa Feron


    Cool Tools for Shopping

    Ø      Amazon Price Check App for Smart Phones—scan bar code and price compares

    Ø      Pricegrabber.com—website that compares prices

    Ø      Alternative Websites for Toys


    Pocket Full of Therapy

    Fat Brain Toys

    One Step Ahead

    Beyond Play



    Stocking Stuffers/Small toys Hanukkah

    Ø      Connect 4 Travel—pincer grasp, problem solving, turn taking, visual perceptual skills

    Ø      Play-doh Party Pack—hand strength, sensory processing, pre-writing, academics

    Ø      Accordion Tubes/Rapper Snappers—hand strength, sensory processing, academics

    Ø      Eye Poppers—from Pier One, hand strength

    Ø      Wind-up toys—finger dexterity/strength, visual skills

    Ø      Angry Bird Putty—hand strength, sensory processing


    Larger Presents

    Ø      Guess Who? And Guess Where?-asking and answering questions and auditory processing, attention, fine motor skills, visual skills

    Ø      Headbanz-describing skills, answering questions, frustration tolerance, self-control, turn taking, fine motor

    Ø      Memory—My first Picture Pairs—visual memory, matching, labeling vocabulary, fine motor skills, turn taking, frustration tolerance

    Ø      Tell A Story—sequencing of events, story telling, labeling pictures, memory

    Ø      Silly sentences—grammar, sentence development, labeling

    Ø      Word Wizard—reading, phonemic awareness, spelling, labeling,

    Ø      Mystery Garden—actions, labeling (characters, animals, toys) , visual scanning, asking questions, memory

    Ø      Bingo—Initial consonants, articulation of initial consonants, turn taking, visual scanning, attention

    Ø      Puff the Pop Up Dragon/Pop-up Pirate—fine motor, articulation (P, F, final T)

    Ø      Colorforms Silly Faces—fine motor, visual-perceptual skills, pre-drawing skills, body awareness, turn taking, body parts, colors, requesting, answer questions

    Ø      Don’t Wake Daddy—fine motor, visual perceptual skills, academics (colors and numbers), turn taking, frustration tolerance,

    Ø      Puzzles—(check out Melissa and Doug), visual perceptual skills, fine motor, problem solving, cognitive, labeling, answering questions, object function

    ü      First Words-3 piece interlocking puzzles, consonant-vowel-consonant word structures and vocabulary, fine motor, visual perceptual skills, hand-eye coordination

    ü      Floor Puzzles—search and learn park

    Ø      Books—visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills with some, cognitive, labeling, answering questions, auditory processing, attention, prepositions, actions

    ü      “I spy” (book or game version)

    ü      Hidden picture books

    ü      Picture books with pieces (flaps, stickers, magnets, little toys)

    Ø      Zoo Morphs (available online only)—fine motor skills, hand strength, visual skills, academics (colors), body parts, describing, labeling animals, answering questions, imaginary play, frustration tolerance

    Ø      Operation—fine motor, visual skills, hand-eye coordination, sensory processing, frustration tolerance, turn taking, labeling, body parts, answering questions, auditory recognition

    Ø      Battleship—fine motor, visual perceptual, academic skills (math), attention, concentration, problem solving, turn taking, frustration tolerance, memory and processing skills

    Ø      Angry Birds—visual perceptual skills, fine motor, grading of movements, problem solving, frustration tolerance, academics (colors), attributes (size and structure)

    Ø      Sorry/Trouble-accepting loss and turn taking, fine motor, hand strengthening for trouble, colors, directionality, frustration tolerance

    Ø      Don’t spill the beans/Honeybee tree/Don’t Break the Ice/ Cootie bugs—fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, turn taking, frustration tolerance, labeling, articulation of specific sounds

    Ø      Hullabaloo/Twister/Cranium/Cariboo—gross motor skills, auditory processing, following directions, turn taking, basic spatial concepts (on, next to)

    Ø      Minnie Mouse Bowtique—fine motor, body awareness, labeling (clothes, body parts, colors), pretend play, spatial concepts (on/off)

    Ø      Sequence—visual skills, visual perceptual skills, fine motor, turn taking, strategies, frustration tolerance, attention