• Hand Strengthening Activities



    Megan K. Petersen, MS OTR


    Strengthening/Fine Motor activities:

    1. Squeeze, roll, pinch play-doh, silly putty, theraputty.
    2. Hide small pegs in the play-doh, silly putty, theraputty for the student to find.
    3. Pick up small items with tweezers or clothespins (can make it a race).
    4. Perform activities like small pegs in a board.
    5. Travel games like Don’t Wake Daddy, Trouble, Connect four etc.
    6. Games like battleship.



    Hand strengthening exercises

    Instructions: Perform each of the exercise several times a week.

    1. Squeeze a squeeze ball/putty/play-doh 10-20  times in each hand.


    2 Roll the putty into a snake and then pinch. Pinch with one finger at a time (you can pair the ring and small finger).  Perform 2-5 times.


    3.. Roll play-doh/putty into a ball and then push flat. Perform 5-10 times.


    4. Roll the putty into a snake and wrap around your fingers.  Then try to pull your fingers apart. Perform 5-10 times.


    5. Place the putty between each finger and squeeze it. Perform 5-10 times.


    6. Roll small pieces of putty into balls with the tips of the fingers x10.