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    welcome back to school

    Welcome to 3AT! I am looking forward to a fantastic school year! The most important concept in the beginning of 3rd grade is learning to respect one another. We will be meeting all of our new classmates and learning how to speak to one another in a respectful way. We will be starting off the year by learning classroom routines and procedures. Get ready for an excellent year full of meaningful, engaging, enriching, and FUN activities!
    What's Going on in Reader's Workshop?
    Room 3AT will learn how to use the library and pick books that are "Just Right!" We will also build good reading habits and our "reading stamina".  This means we will learn how to stay focused and engaged in reading books for longer periods of time. Students will also learn to set reading goals, retell stories to monitor comprehension, and envision to deepen the understanding of books. Students will also learn strategies to hold onto their ideas and talk about their books with peers. 
    What's Going on in Writer's Workshop?
    Students will learn how to use a writer's notebook as a tool to gather ideas and plan their writing. 3AT will generate ideas by thinking about their interests and life experiences. As they learn to work through the steps of the writing process independently, they will write with stamina and increased volume.


    What is Going on in Math?
    Unit One will focus on counting, place value, addition, subtraction and comparing numbers up to 10,000. Students will look for patterns in numbers and find missing numbers on a numberline. 3AT will learn strategies to add and subtract with and without regrouping. Lastly, students will create bar models to help solve one and two-step word problems.
    Please practice your addition and subtraction facts every night to refresh your memory! :)
    What is Going on in Social Studies? 
    Students will learn all about the "Garden State". 3AT will identify all of the regions of New Jersey. They will learn about New Jersey's physical characteristics and natural resources. Students will also be introduced to their state's symbols, counties, and major cities. 


    What is Going on in Science? 

    Our first science unit is all about weather. Students will collect, organize, and use data to decribe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season.